September 6, 2012

September 6, 2012 Upper Body

  • Incline Bench / Pullup Superset: 245*3-80*3 255*3-80*2 265*2-75*3 
  • Pullups: 75*3
  • Standing Press: 95*10 115*8 135*4-? not sure what happened there
  • Low Box - Medium Box - Broad Jump superset: 10
  • Bird-Dogs: 10, 10

Didn't sprint yesterday, track was soaked from storms. Not good times. Will go Sunday.  Pullups were difficult today for some reason, not sure why.  Felt like I had no strength at the top of them. We'll see what happens next week.  Trying some higher rep stuff on shoulders with the standing press.  Not sure why I only got 135 for 4, probably because I haven't done them in over a month. Hopefully I bounce back quick.  Did a superset after all this of a jump over the low box, into a jump over the medium box, into a broad jump.  My back was not happy about the landings when I was more flat footed, felt like my lower back was getting 'compressed'.  Figured I wanted to get back to jumping though.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Going to foam roll the heck out of my back tonight. Finished with bird-dogs, definitely felt lower back & piriformis stinging on them.  Also, noted they now have a super-low box that's only about 3", have to put that to use when I stack boxes. 

Also...holy crap. Took these pics back at the end of August, never took them off my phone to check.  I have no idea what it was about that day, but it looks like I have an extra serratus showing, and I don't think I've ever looked that cut before.  I really wish I didn't have hips as wide as I do...otherwise, happy with these.  Probably my favorite progress pics I've ever had. 

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  1. >tfw wide hips too :(

  2. Please tell me you're rolling in pussy. With your facial aesthetics and hair you've got it all dude.