June 27, 2015

June 19, 2015 Upper Body

  • DB Incline: 105*8 100*8 95*7
  • Sternum Pullups: 10, 6, 5
  • Push Press: 225*1 235*1
  • BB Rows: 225*2 - rhomboid..ouch.
  • Close-Grip Bench Press: 185*8 205*4
  • Hammer Curls: 45*8 50*5

Bumped first set on DB incline here, then descended to keep reps high.  I want to work on push pressing more, but with the shoulder pain last month, and then the rhomboid this past week I've had trouble working them in, as soon as that clears up though, they're going back in big-time, hopefully by end of June.  Also with CG Bench press sometimes I really feel it in my triceps, other times I feel like I'm wasting time, I need to figure out what's wrong with my form on them. 

June 18, 2015 Lower Body

Tightest IT bands in recorded history

  • Squats: 315*1 350*1 370*1
  • Front Squats: 275*1 300*1
  • BB Calves: 315*10 350*10
  • BB Reverse Lunges: 45*10

Wow were my IT bands tight...did not see that coming, they would NOT loosen up no matter how much I stretched or foam rolled them.  On the 370 I almost threw up they hurt so bad.  Also adding in BB reverse lunges here, I was supposed to do them with a clean grip, but did them on my shoulders like a back squat on accident.  Trying to add in some more unilateral work, since I have a slight-moderate imbalance in my hips. 

June 17, 2015 Dodgeball!

  • Dodgeball: 85 minutes
Rhomboid is still bothering me, but throwing actually made it feel better tonight. 

June 16, 2015 Upper Body

  • Bench Press: 250*2 250*3 165*1 275*1 285*1 295*1
  • Pendlay Rows: 135*8 155*5 155*6
  • DB Standing Press: 55*10 65*4
  • 1.5 Sternum Pullups: 4, 3
  • BB Reverse Curls: 80*5 80*4

Sore groin...sore back from the RDLs, and that rhomboid pull too.  Didn't do any heavy rowing here to try and avoid aggravating it.  Also, I realized after doing the 1.5 pullups that I was doing them as sternum pullups. Not sure why I didn't think of that earlier, such an evil combination!

June 15, 2015 Lower Body

  • Romanian Deadlifts: 315*4 350*4 385*3 405*2-right rhomboid/lat sprain..see below
  • HPC: 135*5 185*2 195*1 205*1
  • HPS: 135*3 145*2
  • BB Calves: 315*10 315*10
  • Hex-Farmers: 365*111 365*102
  • WSARC: 90*6
So I wanted to take it easy on my back...so of course I pull a rhomboid or something.  As soon as I unracked the weight I felt this pain and something 'shift' in my rhomboid on the right side.  Of course I still did the set.  It was killing me for the rest of the day though, anytime I look down and to my left, thus stretching that area.  It woke me up several times in the night too.  My shoulder has been sore from dodgeball, and I feel like this might just be an extension of that.  Probably should have taken a couple days off after the internship started. whoops.  Speaking of which, my numbers actually seem to be higher, I think because I have to wait longer after eating before heading to the gym. I have a habit of going too soon after meals; not enough to really hurt my numbers, but just enough that a lot of energy is diverted to digesting whatever I ate semi-recently. 

June 14, 2015 Sprinting

  • 400m: 1:16
  • 200m: 1
  • Total: 600m
I have got to figure out how to get faster in the 400.  I just keep hitting a wall at the 250m mark.  I think part of the problem is I either do them after I've done my other work and I'm gassed, or I do them first without doing a couple 200s or something at like 80%. 

June 13, 2015 Sprinting

  • 100m: 1, 12.47 TIES PR!!, 12.53, 12.78
  • 110m: 2

June 12, 2015 Upper Body

  • DB Incline: 100*10 100*7 90*6.5
  • Sternum Pullups: 10, 7, 7
  • Seated Press: 135*6 155*4
  • Chest Supported Rows: 135*5 135*5
  • DB Farmers: 120*100
  • Paloffs: 100*10 80*10
Good session here, had to take off yesterday my legs are just toasted at this point.

June 18, 2015

June 10, 2015 Dodgeball!

  • Dodgeball: 85 minutes

June 9, 2015 Lower Body

  • Olympic Paused Squats: 275*2 315*2 345*2 365*1 375*1
  • Front Squats: 275*1 295*X 295*1
  • Standing Calves: 260*10 280*10
Never tried olympic squats with a pause at the bottom.  Was splitting rack time with a guy that was doing them so I decided to try.  I don't think my legs have been this dead in the past year, or maybe ever.  I can't describe how dead they are right now.  No way I end up doing deadlifts/olympic lifts later in the week.  Even with leucine I'm still completely dead right now.  I missed 295 because my quads were about to cramp. Waited a few then got it.