November 19, 2015

2015 Progress Pics!

Last November I took a bunch of pictures after what was probably my most successful cut, and realized I was really happy with where I was.   For this past year my main goals were to add a bit of muscle, particularly lower body, to continue my improvement in the 100m & 200m. I also play football, usually at corner, as I've noted here.  So over the past year I was pretty successful, I'm 4.5 lbs. heavier in the 2015 pictures; about 194 lbs.  The changes aren't dramatic, but my legs are leaner, but with more muscle, and my upper body also looks way thicker; you can see a difference in the side-shoulder picture.   Plus I finally have a picture where my jaw isn't hanging open or something so I could leave my face in. My ass was probably the biggest improvement, but I'll spare everyone those pictures.  Also, this might be the most vain thing I've ever said (quite an accomplishment) but I love having that vein visible on my left hip.

It's been a great year, and honestly I'm not slowing down in the least; these pictures were from about a month ago, October 10th-ish, so I'm 34 in them (I'm going to write about getting older, soon).  I don't notice anything sagging, my recovery times are the same as always, and my strength hasn't tailed off in the least.  Overall I'm really happy with how things have gone.  Now on to the pics:


November 13, 2015 Upper Body

  • DB Incline Bench Press: 110*7 115*6
  • Sternum Pullups: 12, 7, 5
  • DB Unilateral Standing Press: 60*10
  • Chest-Supported Rows: 135*6 115*7 115*7
  • Dips: 10, 10
  • DB Hammer Curls: 45*7
  • Ab-Wheel: 10
Good stuff, sternum pullups are getting a little harder, I must be gaining weight finally

November 12, 2015 Lower Body

  • Deadlift (double overhand): 315*1 365*1 
  • Deadlift: 405*1 425*1 445*1 
  • Deadlift (double overhand) cluster: 335*1,1,1
  • Hanging-Power Snatch: 95*5 115*5 125*5 135*4 145*3
  • Standing Calf Press: 240*14 280*10
  • Paloffs: 90*10
  • Ab-Wheel: 10
A bit tired here, slept crappy last night and it showed.  I find deadlifting is more dependent on being well-rested than any other lift.  Probably on account of the CNS fatigue it induces. 

November 11, 2015 Dodgeball!

  • Dodgeball: 90 minutes
Felt good, shoulder feels fine, iced it when I got home and that seemed to make a huge difference. 

November 10, 2015 Upper Body

  • Bench Press: 205*5 235*5 255*5 260*4
  • Pullups: 75*3 75*2 75*2
  • Push Press: 195*5 205*3
  • BB Rows: 235*5 255*5 265*5
  • Dips: 50*5 50*4
  • DB Reverse Flyes: 30*6
  • Heavy Bag Yoke Carries (Full Court): 6
Good session, still waiting for that power kick from bulking, i think it's close.  It usually is sometime during the 3rd week of bulking that I suddenly get a big boost in strength.  The first couple weeks I don't usually gain much weight for some reason, nor any strength.  Then the third week or so I jump up 3-4 lbs. and my strength pops.  I feel like I'm on the cusp of that here. 

November 9, 2015 Lower

  • Squats: 315*1 340*1 365*1 375*1
  • Front Squats: 225*1 275*1 305*1 320*1 TIES PR
  • Front Squat Walkouts: 385*10 seconds 405*10 seconds
  • BB Calves: 365*10 385*8
  • DB Farmers: 120*102 120*71
  • Dead Bugs: 10, 10 
Good session, felt strong, tied front squat PR.  I need to start doing to the walkouts before the regular front squats, that's kind of the point of them; I just always forget.  

November 15, 2015

November 7, 2015 Sprinting

  • 110m: 1
  • 200m: 27.91, 27.03, 1
GREAT start on the 27.91, then as soon as I hit the straightaway there was a 35 mph headwind with stronger gusts.  I'm not counting that run in my spreadsheet log, it felt like running into a cement wall.  Even the 27.03 was similar, but not quite as bad.  

November 6, 2015 Lower Body

  • Deadlift: 405*2 435*1 455*1 475*1
  • Deadlift (double overhand) cluster: 315*1,1,1,1,1
  • HPS: 95*3 135*3 155*1
  • Hex-Farmers: 365*104 365*106
  • Ab-Wheel: 10, 10
more ab wheel, punching up deadlifting, did a cluster as well on double-overhand.  When bulking season first starts I'm always hesitant because I love being really cut, but then for instance this year, with doing more 5-8 rep stuff, and clusters, I go home and demolish a bunch of quick carbs & protein, and just keep thinking to myself "feed the beast" and by this point of the bulk I'm fully into it.  

November 5, 2015 Upper Body

  • DB Incline: 105*9 110*6
  • Sternum Pullups (slow pace): 9, 7, 5
  • Dips: 9, 9
  • Cable Rows: 120*10 150*8
  • BTN Press: 95*10
Quick session here, was kind of tired. 

November 4, 2015 Dodgeball

  • Dodgeball: 90 minutes
Shoulder felt great! So nice to be able to run around and smack my friends with balls.