August 26, 2016

August 6, 2016 Sprinting

  • 110m: 8
awful air quality...just thick/soupy/hazy awful feeling....not good

August 4, 2016 Full Body

  • Bench Press: 225*3 245*3 265*1 275*1 250*1,1,1 cluster
  • DL Double Overhand: 315*1 365*1 405*1 (hook grip)
  • Deadlift: 445*1 475*1
  • Hanging Power Snatch: 95*3 115*3 135*2 145*1 150*X 135*5
  • Pendlay Rows: 135*5 185*3 205*2
  • Push Press: 135*3 185*1 205*1 225*1/2
  • Reverse Hypers: 95*6 95*6
  • Suitcase Carries: 70*90 70*83
  • Narrow-Stance Paloffs: 25*10 25*10
Good session, missed 150 on the HPS which annoys me, but otherwise did fine.  I like these full-body workouts, especially for the summer.  I do wonder if in the winter when it's too dark to go for that 2nd weekly sprint session in the evening after work if I may split out into an upper/lower deal again.  Something like Saturday: full body (since I don't prioritize sprinting in the winter, I would do it on Sundays), Sunday: Sprinting, Tuesday: lower body, Thursday: upper body.   Just a thought.  I don't feel like I'm losing strength doing the full bodies, but I wonder how much I can gain as well. 

August 2, 2016 Sprinting

  • 110m: 2
  • 200m: 2
  • Total: 620m
Nothing spectacular, just the usual. 

I will say, one of the things I liked about being in school longer than anticipated is that I can come out on these hot afternoons with the sun beating down on the track and not many others there, and get my session in.  Just being out there at that time fills me with peace, it's the same feeling I get when I would play basketball for hours straight some nights, in my younger years, behind Southwick's town hall.   I talk to myself a bit, think about things, and just love the feeling. I don't like the thought of not having days like that when I finally get a job with this degree.   I don't know if it really feels the same going out there on a weekend day later on; usually I go in the morning, I could try in the afternoon, I wonder if the track would be crowded. 

July 31, 2016 Full Body

  • Squats: 225*3 275*1 315*1 340*1 355*1 225*3 -tired legs
  • Front Squats: 225*1 250*1 275*1
  • BB Incline: 185*3 205*1 225*1 240*1 250*1
  • Pull-Throughs: 150*10 150*10
  • Sternum Pullups: 11, 6, 4
  • Landmine Rows: 245*3 245*3
  • Suitcase carries: 65*95 65*80
  • WSARC: 60*10 70*10
  • Dragon Flags: 2
65 minutes

My posterior chain is freakin tired, no surprise after yesterday.   On squats I feel like I've been breaking from the hip and knee unevenly, mainly just breaking at the hip and then kind of knee breaking at the end.  Focused on doing it simultaneously here.  Also on suitcase carries focused on shifting my hips to the unloaded side so I didn't lean, and clamping down my core to hold that position.